Homemade away from home

I slept so well last night! We opened our window so we could hear the waves crash – it was so peaceful. We rolled out of bed at 9 this morning and bounded downstairs to Shirley’s homemade brunch. Oh my goodness I’ve never had a homemade brunch like this before. When we came down, she had the table set for four (us and the couple in the room next to us) and fruit salad, ice water, various toppings, and several different juices ready to go.

Then she brought out the danish pancakes, which are a thin, but substantial, pancake. I topped mine with her homemade raspberry butter and cinnamon cream syrup, and had a turkey kielbasa on the side. O. M. G. So good.

They were super thin so I had about 2 slices. Shirley also insisted on serving us tiny pieces of her secret recipe cheesecake, complete with an anniversary candle. We will for sure come back here! Great food, great views…

Sadly, all good things have to come to an end, and so we hit the road around 11 and got home just before 1. I ate the rest of my leftovers for lunch – sorry, no pic… – and then snacked on an apple before we headed out for a run together.

I was excited to break in my new shoes, but they did NOT feel good! My feet went numb and after about 20 min, it hurt to pound the pavement! It could have been because I was running much slower than usual (about 9 – 10 min/mile) to stay at J’s speed, and this has happened to me on very slow runs in broken in shoes. Hopefully it’s nothing to worry about. We completed 3.6 mi in 32 mins.

Now I’m back at the housesitting house enjoying some peppermint tea and a ginger Joe Joe to hold me over til dinner. Hope you have a great Sunday!



Time Flies

Hi there! I missed posting all day yesterday (Saturday) since Jacob and I were off at the Oregon coast celebrating our 2 year anniversary, so I’ll catch up now.

Before we headed out around noon yesterday, I had a Team in Training long run to complete! I did NOT want to roll out of bed at 7am yesterday morning, especially when my iPhone told me the temperature was 30 degrees. We met at the NE Portland Foot Traffic at 8am and had a shoe clinic before we set out. Sean, the owner of Foot Traffic, did a great job of explaining why proper shoes are so important and offered to do a free gait analysis for each of us after the run so we know the right type of shoes for us!

My legs were actually pretty tired from my Friday run, since I hadn’t run that far in quite some time, and I dragged a little more than I wanted to. The cold didn’t help my speed either – it took me a mile to even start sweating! – and we had to watch our feet because of icy sidewalks. I ended up completing the 8 mi in about 1:04, or just over an 8 min pace. I also took advantage of the gait analysis and got some new shoes – the Saucony Glide 3s. We got 10% off with our TNT discount too, so they were just $90. I hope they last a few months… I go through shoes like nobody’s business.

On the way back, I stopped into Whole Foods for a coffee and a zucchini muffin. I ate it in the car because I was starving and in a hurry.

After a quick soak in the tub, we were off to the coast! It was about a 2 hr drive and went smoothly. Our first stop there was the Tanger Outlet Mall, where I scored this beautiful bag for only $70!!

It started out at $268, was marked down to $180, was also on a 50% off rack, and then the whole store was 20% off. It was amazing. Jacob was also amazing and was very patient when I debated the pros and cons of literally every bag in the store. I also had about a bajillion pretzel sticks with various dip samples at Le Gourmet Chef.

Somehow we let shopping get in the way of lunch, so we stopped into Mo’s Seafood for a VERY late (like 430pm!) lunch. What a cute place!

Watch out for tsunamis!

We don’t look too worried though – we chose to admire the scenery outside. Two years later and we’re still very, very happy 🙂 Can’t believe it’s been that long!

I ordered a Rogue Mo’s Ale and J got the Rogue Dead Guy. Mmmmm burrrrr. We also split an order of fish n chips, which came with clam chowder. I am NOT a chowder fan, so he dominated that. I ate about 1/3 of the fries and 2 pieces of fish.

It totally hit the spot and tided us over until later. We then checked in at the Brey House B and B, which was an amazing choice! I found it just by googling around but we hit a gold mine. The owner, Shirley, was adorable and welcoming and made us feel right at home. Our room, the Admiral’s Quarters, was decorated in a much… older… fashion, but it added to the quaint feeling of the place even further. Here’s our room:

There was a great ocean view – you could even see lights from the fishing boats out in the harbor! – and there were all sorts of personal touches everywhere. She had left us a bottle of Martinelli’s cider and a plate of chocolates as a ‘happy anniversary’ gift. So cute.

Sadly, I have no pics of dinner since I left my camera in the room! I took pictures w/ my iPhone but when I got home today and plugged it into the computer to upload, my computer restored it on accident to the last time I plugged in and my photos went good bye 😦 Use your imagination!

We left for dinner at 8 and had a fabulous and FILLING meal at the Inn at the Spanish Head. We were barely hungry from our late lunch but I never pass on the opportunity to eat good food, especially seafood! I started with a Cabernet from Oregon, which was delicious, and though it was a red, it went fine with my entree of coconut and macadamia nut encrusted pan roasted cod. The entree came with a simple green salad topped with walnuts and one of the best dressings I’ve ever had – their homemade black cherry vinaigrette! I will be trying to make that myself.

The cod smelled SO good when it came out – the coconut flavor wafted right up to my nose. The broccolini and smashed yukons were great as well.

Jacob loved his arroz bomba – similar to a seafood paella – and while we were both STUFFED, we couldn’t pass up the marionberry cobbler. So worth it, even though we beached ourselves like whales on our bed when we got home!

There’s not a ton to do in Lincoln City, so we rented “An Education” and the lights were out by 11:30. It was a lovely and relaxing evening!

Finally Friday

Happy Friday!! This has been one of those weeks where my days felt both really long and flew by at the same time. My to-do list for Monday is SCARY…. buuuuuuut I’m pledging to turn my brain off of work until at least 4pm Sunday so I can enjoy this weekend!

I ate breakfast at work this morning, which is normal for me. I am so not a morning person, so I pack up my breakfast in addition to my lunch and snacks the night before. This allows me another 2o minutes or so of sleeping time, a tradeoff which is worth it in my book! It is sometimes difficult to come up with breakfasts that are easy to throw together AND healthy and satisfying, but I have a couple of good go-to options.

I have found one brand of instant oatmeal that I love called Better Oats. They have over 20 different flavors and lots of varieties, including several that have flaxseeds, barley, quinoa, and rye in addition to oats. Not many oatmeal brands out there have that much fiber and omega-3’s in them! I buy them at Haggen but their website lists a lot of stores.

I had the cinnamon plum flavor with a smushed up banana mixed in and a tbsp of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter on top. Can’t forget the coffee either. You don’t want to know me w/o coffee.

Excuse my lack of lunch picture, but I was at a luncheon with lots of people I didn’t know so I wasn’t brave enough to whip out my camera just yet. It was a pretty lame lunch though, just a simple green salad, a whole wheat roll, and a Pepperidge Farm cookie. I was starving like an hour later.

During the afternoon I had a cup of coffee and an apple. I also had a Kashi Trail Mix bar but forgot to get a photo. I’m sure you can use your imagination.

After work, I headed to the gym to run on the treadmill since the rain was tilting sideways with the massive winds. The treadmill definitely gets monotonous if you do it day after day, but it’s not AWFUL once in a while. I did 7.6 mi in 60 min while watching a bio of Mario Batali.

Seeing Italian food up on the screen for an hour got me excited about an Italian themed dinner. Once home and showered, I sauteed some yellow onion, 1/2 a yellow squash, and a TJ’s spicy Italian chicken sausage. I added tomato sauce once everything was cooked through and had it over a bed of spinach with some freshly grated parm. I also snacked on the last of my kalamata olive bread and wine while prepping. Yum yum.

J’s not home yet, so I don’t know what we’re doing. If he’s not here soon, I’m taking myself out for ice cream! I’m totally fine w/ a low key night since I’m up at 7am to meet my TNT group for an 8 mi run. I hope it’s not too rainy! Ta ta.


One thing I have learned through trying to eat – and live – healthfully while having a crazy hectic schedule is that you have to be adaptable. For instance, yesterday afternoon I didn’t eat lunch until almost 2pm and so I wasn’t really hungry at 6pm when I had originally planned to grab a Subway or something before talking to a parent group at 6:30. I knew my blood sugar would drop if I didn’t eat something, though, so I stopped by Starbucks around 5:15 for a chai tea misto (half tea, half nonfat milk) with a pump of SF vanilla syrup and had some baby carrots to tide me over until I could get a real meal. (Can you guess the blog up in the background? One of my favorites!)

I’ll be so sad when the red cups are gone! I have always loved the holidays and so even small visual reminders of the holiday season make me happy.

The presentation was a success and I got a really nice compliment from the principal there, so I skipped out of there happy. Funny how sometimes good things can distract you from how hungry you are!

On my way home, I stopped by the apartment complex we’re moving to next week to check out our new apartment! The landlord had just started to clean it so I definitely got the “before” idea of the place… I’m preparing to be impressed upon move in next Saturday!

I had to run by Jacob’s parents for some stuff and just decided to eat dinner there and scrounged in the fridge for some salad fixings. I came up with spring mix and topped half of it with pea shoots, hummus and feta and the other half with green beans and leftover cranberry sauce. And of course, all good meals have wine accompanying them 🙂

I also dug up some Christmas treats that just HAD to be eaten… or else they’d go bad, right? And who likes wasting food…. this magic cookie bar was juuuust right. I had this x 2.5.

We had debated going to the gym earlier, but I was SUPER sore, as expected, from yoga the night before, so I decided to take a night off and watch some Mad Men. We’re only on Season 1, but I love it!

One more day to go til the weekend…

Olive my job

Goal #1 for blogging: make your post titles not the corniest thing ever.

I had an eye doctor appointment at 9:30 this morning, so I got to start my morning late today! Of course, the responsible thing to do would have been go to the gym this a.m., but after getting my butt handed to me by Dave via podcast last night, that wasn’t happening. I had no coffee before my appt this morning so that is my excuse for why I didn’t photograph my breakfast. It was greek yogurt, frozen berries, and Kashi Heart to Heart toasted o’s cereal… pretty revolutionary stuff.

My noon meeting today was with an awesome young (well, my age) activist and social worker. One of the great things about the job are the fabulous, good-hearted, socially motivated people that I meet. I love working for an organization that allows people to actually be a part of the solution they want 🙂

The reason for the title of the post was because right now, I am loving my job (say the title out loud…) and I had a lot of kalamatas in my lunch today! I had a salad pretty similar to last night’s – spring mix, 1/2 c garbanzos, cuke, and kalamatas, with a side of olive bread.

Yes, I am that girl who brings her tupperware of lunch to a coffeeshop to eat. I bought coffee earlier so I feel justified. This is basically my satellite office where I organize out in a suburb of Portland, since our real office is in downtown. I also have a presentation tonight at 6:30 to a parent group and I’ll probably be having either a Jamba Juice or a Subway sandwich for dinner, so it was healthier and more cost-effective to bring lunch.

Ok, back to work. I’m still hungry so I’m going to pull an apple out of my bag and demolish it. I have a 7 mi run planned on the dreadmill tonight so gotta keep my fuel up.