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Olive my job

Goal #1 for blogging: make your post titles not the corniest thing ever.

I had an eye doctor appointment at 9:30 this morning, so I got to start my morning late today! Of course, the responsible thing to do would have been go to the gym this a.m., but after getting my butt handed to me by Dave via podcast last night, that wasn’t happening. I had no coffee before my appt this morning so that is my excuse for why I didn’t photograph my breakfast. It was greek yogurt, frozen berries, and Kashi Heart to Heart toasted o’s cereal… pretty revolutionary stuff.

My noon meeting today was with an awesome young (well, my age) activist and social worker. One of the great things about the job are the fabulous, good-hearted, socially motivated people that I meet. I love working for an organization that allows people to actually be a part of the solution they want 🙂

The reason for the title of the post was because right now, I am loving my job (say the title out loud…) and I had a lot of kalamatas in my lunch today! I had a salad pretty similar to last night’s – spring mix, 1/2 c garbanzos, cuke, and kalamatas, with a side of olive bread.

Yes, I am that girl who brings her tupperware of lunch to a coffeeshop to eat. I bought coffee earlier so I feel justified. This is basically my satellite office where I organize out in a suburb of Portland, since our real office is in downtown. I also have a presentation tonight at 6:30 to a parent group and I’ll probably be having either a Jamba Juice or a Subway sandwich for dinner, so it was healthier and more cost-effective to bring lunch.

Ok, back to work. I’m still hungry so I’m going to pull an apple out of my bag and demolish it. I have a 7 mi run planned on the dreadmill tonight so gotta keep my fuel up.


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