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One thing I have learned through trying to eat – and live – healthfully while having a crazy hectic schedule is that you have to be adaptable. For instance, yesterday afternoon I didn’t eat lunch until almost 2pm and so I wasn’t really hungry at 6pm when I had originally planned to grab a Subway or something before talking to a parent group at 6:30. I knew my blood sugar would drop if I didn’t eat something, though, so I stopped by Starbucks around 5:15 for a chai tea misto (half tea, half nonfat milk) with a pump of SF vanilla syrup and had some baby carrots to tide me over until I could get a real meal. (Can you guess the blog up in the background? One of my favorites!)

I’ll be so sad when the red cups are gone! I have always loved the holidays and so even small visual reminders of the holiday season make me happy.

The presentation was a success and I got a really nice compliment from the principal there, so I skipped out of there happy. Funny how sometimes good things can distract you from how hungry you are!

On my way home, I stopped by the apartment complex we’re moving to next week to check out our new apartment! The landlord had just started to clean it so I definitely got the “before” idea of the place… I’m preparing to be impressed upon move in next Saturday!

I had to run by Jacob’s parents for some stuff and just decided to eat dinner there and scrounged in the fridge for some salad fixings. I came up with spring mix and topped half of it with pea shoots, hummus and feta and the other half with green beans and leftover cranberry sauce. And of course, all good meals have wine accompanying them 🙂

I also dug up some Christmas treats that just HAD to be eaten… or else they’d go bad, right? And who likes wasting food…. this magic cookie bar was juuuust right. I had this x 2.5.

We had debated going to the gym earlier, but I was SUPER sore, as expected, from yoga the night before, so I decided to take a night off and watch some Mad Men. We’re only on Season 1, but I love it!

One more day to go til the weekend…


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