Finally Friday

Happy Friday!! This has been one of those weeks where my days felt both really long and flew by at the same time. My to-do list for Monday is SCARY…. buuuuuuut I’m pledging to turn my brain off of work until at least 4pm Sunday so I can enjoy this weekend!

I ate breakfast at work this morning, which is normal for me. I am so not a morning person, so I pack up my breakfast in addition to my lunch and snacks the night before. This allows me another 2o minutes or so of sleeping time, a tradeoff which is worth it in my book! It is sometimes difficult to come up with breakfasts that are easy to throw together AND healthy and satisfying, but I have a couple of good go-to options.

I have found one brand of instant oatmeal that I love called Better Oats. They have over 20 different flavors and lots of varieties, including several that have flaxseeds, barley, quinoa, and rye in addition to oats. Not many oatmeal brands out there have that much fiber and omega-3’s in them! I buy them at Haggen but their website lists a lot of stores.

I had the cinnamon plum flavor with a smushed up banana mixed in and a tbsp of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter on top. Can’t forget the coffee either. You don’t want to know me w/o coffee.

Excuse my lack of lunch picture, but I was at a luncheon with lots of people I didn’t know so I wasn’t brave enough to whip out my camera just yet. It was a pretty lame lunch though, just a simple green salad, a whole wheat roll, and a Pepperidge Farm cookie. I was starving like an hour later.

During the afternoon I had a cup of coffee and an apple. I also had a Kashi Trail Mix bar but forgot to get a photo. I’m sure you can use your imagination.

After work, I headed to the gym to run on the treadmill since the rain was tilting sideways with the massive winds. The treadmill definitely gets monotonous if you do it day after day, but it’s not AWFUL once in a while. I did 7.6 mi in 60 min while watching a bio of Mario Batali.

Seeing Italian food up on the screen for an hour got me excited about an Italian themed dinner. Once home and showered, I sauteed some yellow onion, 1/2 a yellow squash, and a TJ’s spicy Italian chicken sausage. I added tomato sauce once everything was cooked through and had it over a bed of spinach with some freshly grated parm. I also snacked on the last of my kalamata olive bread and wine while prepping. Yum yum.

J’s not home yet, so I don’t know what we’re doing. If he’s not here soon, I’m taking myself out for ice cream! I’m totally fine w/ a low key night since I’m up at 7am to meet my TNT group for an 8 mi run. I hope it’s not too rainy! Ta ta.


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