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Homemade away from home

I slept so well last night! We opened our window so we could hear the waves crash – it was so peaceful. We rolled out of bed at 9 this morning and bounded downstairs to Shirley’s homemade brunch. Oh my goodness I’ve never had a homemade brunch like this before. When we came down, she had the table set for four (us and the couple in the room next to us) and fruit salad, ice water, various toppings, and several different juices ready to go.

Then she brought out the danish pancakes, which are a thin, but substantial, pancake. I topped mine with her homemade raspberry butter and cinnamon cream syrup, and had a turkey kielbasa on the side. O. M. G. So good.

They were super thin so I had about 2 slices. Shirley also insisted on serving us tiny pieces of her secret recipe cheesecake, complete with an anniversary candle. We will for sure come back here! Great food, great views…

Sadly, all good things have to come to an end, and so we hit the road around 11 and got home just before 1. I ate the rest of my leftovers for lunch – sorry, no pic… – and then snacked on an apple before we headed out for a run together.

I was excited to break in my new shoes, but they did NOT feel good! My feet went numb and after about 20 min, it hurt to pound the pavement! It could have been because I was running much slower than usual (about 9 – 10 min/mile) to stay at J’s speed, and this has happened to me on very slow runs in broken in shoes. Hopefully it’s nothing to worry about. We completed 3.6 mi in 32 mins.

Now I’m back at the housesitting house enjoying some peppermint tea and a ginger Joe Joe to hold me over til dinner. Hope you have a great Sunday!



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