Time Flies

Hi there! I missed posting all day yesterday (Saturday) since Jacob and I were off at the Oregon coast celebrating our 2 year anniversary, so I’ll catch up now.

Before we headed out around noon yesterday, I had a Team in Training long run to complete! I did NOT want to roll out of bed at 7am yesterday morning, especially when my iPhone told me the temperature was 30 degrees. We met at the NE Portland Foot Traffic at 8am and had a shoe clinic before we set out. Sean, the owner of Foot Traffic, did a great job of explaining why proper shoes are so important and offered to do a free gait analysis for each of us after the run so we know the right type of shoes for us!

My legs were actually pretty tired from my Friday run, since I hadn’t run that far in quite some time, and I dragged a little more than I wanted to. The cold didn’t help my speed either – it took me a mile to even start sweating! – and we had to watch our feet because of icy sidewalks. I ended up completing the 8 mi in about 1:04, or just over an 8 min pace. I also took advantage of the gait analysis and got some new shoes – the Saucony Glide 3s. We got 10% off with our TNT discount too, so they were just $90. I hope they last a few months… I go through shoes like nobody’s business.

On the way back, I stopped into Whole Foods for a coffee and a zucchini muffin. I ate it in the car because I was starving and in a hurry.

After a quick soak in the tub, we were off to the coast! It was about a 2 hr drive and went smoothly. Our first stop there was the Tanger Outlet Mall, where I scored this beautiful bag for only $70!!

It started out at $268, was marked down to $180, was also on a 50% off rack, and then the whole store was 20% off. It was amazing. Jacob was also amazing and was very patient when I debated the pros and cons of literally every bag in the store. I also had about a bajillion pretzel sticks with various dip samples at Le Gourmet Chef.

Somehow we let shopping get in the way of lunch, so we stopped into Mo’s Seafood for a VERY late (like 430pm!) lunch. What a cute place!

Watch out for tsunamis!

We don’t look too worried though – we chose to admire the scenery outside. Two years later and we’re still very, very happy 🙂 Can’t believe it’s been that long!

I ordered a Rogue Mo’s Ale and J got the Rogue Dead Guy. Mmmmm burrrrr. We also split an order of fish n chips, which came with clam chowder. I am NOT a chowder fan, so he dominated that. I ate about 1/3 of the fries and 2 pieces of fish.

It totally hit the spot and tided us over until later. We then checked in at the Brey House B and B, which was an amazing choice! I found it just by googling around but we hit a gold mine. The owner, Shirley, was adorable and welcoming and made us feel right at home. Our room, the Admiral’s Quarters, was decorated in a much… older… fashion, but it added to the quaint feeling of the place even further. Here’s our room:

There was a great ocean view – you could even see lights from the fishing boats out in the harbor! – and there were all sorts of personal touches everywhere. She had left us a bottle of Martinelli’s cider and a plate of chocolates as a ‘happy anniversary’ gift. So cute.

Sadly, I have no pics of dinner since I left my camera in the room! I took pictures w/ my iPhone but when I got home today and plugged it into the computer to upload, my computer restored it on accident to the last time I plugged in and my photos went good bye 😦 Use your imagination!

We left for dinner at 8 and had a fabulous and FILLING meal at the Inn at the Spanish Head. We were barely hungry from our late lunch but I never pass on the opportunity to eat good food, especially seafood! I started with a Cabernet from Oregon, which was delicious, and though it was a red, it went fine with my entree of coconut and macadamia nut encrusted pan roasted cod. The entree came with a simple green salad topped with walnuts and one of the best dressings I’ve ever had – their homemade black cherry vinaigrette! I will be trying to make that myself.

The cod smelled SO good when it came out – the coconut flavor wafted right up to my nose. The broccolini and smashed yukons were great as well.

Jacob loved his arroz bomba – similar to a seafood paella – and while we were both STUFFED, we couldn’t pass up the marionberry cobbler. So worth it, even though we beached ourselves like whales on our bed when we got home!

There’s not a ton to do in Lincoln City, so we rented “An Education” and the lights were out by 11:30. It was a lovely and relaxing evening!


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