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Ok, so I haven’t been posting… but it’s for a good reason, I swear!

Yesterday afternoon, I found out I got into Harvard’s Masters’ in Education Policy and Management.

It was (is!) my top school and I am going simultaneously crazy with excitement and freaking out if I’ll be able to go, since I don’t know anything about funding yet. $36,000 for tuition ALONE is no joke… but I GOT INTO HARVARD!!!

Ok, so to back up, I have eaten food and done things other than grin like an idiot for the past 24 hours… but I’ll provide a brief run through.

Yesterday am: delicious yogurt mix of Chobani peach, 1/3 c Kashi GoLean crunch, and some fresh blueberries. Coffee by the gallon, as usual.

My morning was spent catching up on the NYT, reading EdWeek (nerd alert!!), and Facebook stalking. I’m totally in the camp of not caring what people from high school are doing unless they’re pregnant, fat, or married… and scarily, more and more people are becoming one or more of the above. Not that being fat is bad… but it is nice to see Miss Hot Shit from high school looking like she’s let herself go a bit 🙂 Just me? Yeah right, you think the same thing. I am a nice person, I swear.

Lunchtime: tomato soup, Ezekiel w/ some baby brie (tasty x 5 dunked into the soup!), roasted asparagus, snap peas w/ pine nut hummus, and peppermint tea.

My reward for accompanying J to two different banks was this cookie from Beaverton Bakery… call me superstitious, but I’m pretty sure my buying this cookie led DIRECTLY to me receiving the email re: my admittance like 10 mins later. Luck o’ the Irish is no joke…

In the car on the way home, I got an email from Harvard that said only “your admissions decision is ready.” Needless to say, I freaked out – I mean, what the f?? We raced home, I booted up my computer, tracked down all my various log in materials, and opened the little link at the bottom of my online app to find the glorious, glorious words “Congratulations!!!” I swear I thought it was a dream and I would wake up any minute. I haven’t yet so I think that’s a good sign!

We had a celebratory/catch up happy hour with our friend Lindsey, but I stuck to Diet Coke and a couple pieces of bbq chicken flatbread since I had to head to track practice for Team in Training. This is a snack plate, not full size dinner, ok? Don’t judge me.

Track was awesomeeeeee. I hadn’t been looking forward to it at all since I felt kind of crappy physically but the news from Harvard made my steps fly a little faster. After a warm up half mile, we did 4 x 800 meters w/ 2 mins rest in between, then a warm down half. I ran the 800s in about 3:10 – 3:15 each (6:20-6:30 pace) and including warmup/down, I did a total of 3.5 miles in just under 30 minutes.

Per usual, the team headed to the ever classy Suki’s for dinner. I had about 3/4 pint of Ninkasi IPA, some chicken and wild rice soup w/ garlic toast (I have a soup problem, so sue – soup? – me), and a side salad.

Hey, Coach Mike! (He’s not really a pedophile, he just looks like one – he’s wearing a mustache for Mustache March, which apparently is to raise awareness about prostate cancer) What a creeper.

So ended my epic Tuesday 🙂

This morning, I had breakfast at Panera w/ Jacob’s mom before making the drive up to Seattle. I had a power breakfast sandwich – egg, ham and cheese on multigrain, which wasn’t bad! No pic, I’m shy. It was good fuel for the drive which was naaaaaaasty. We’re talking plague-like downpours. For portions of the drive I couldn’t see 100 feet in front of me, including taillights of preceding cars. Scary stuff! Passing logging trucks made my life flash before my eyes, I swear. Buuuuuuut I still made it in under 3 hours – hooray for missing rush hour!

I was starving by the time I arrived, though, so I swung by Cafe Javasti for some soup. Seriously, I have a problem. They had red beans and rice on tap, plus this amazing sweet potato salad on the side. It had an OJ, maple syrup and cinnamon dressing, + pecans, celery and plumped raisins.

The whole reason I’m in Seattle through Friday is because my best friend from Colgate, Mallorie, is here! She is on spring break from med school at Penn and she came out w/ her mom to visit her (much) older brother, who just moved here. I met them for coffee in Ballard and then Mal and I caught up for about 2 hours. I love seeing my friends from college – it’s like nothing has changed, even when it’s been a year. I count that as the mark of a good friendship. No long chats w/ Mal would be complete w/o ice cream, though, so we had to get gelato. I had a small pistachio and caramel w/ figs.

Mal had to dash off to dinner with her brother and mom, so I hit the gym for what I was planning to be a quick easy workout, but once I got on the treadmill, I felt great and kept going! I ended up doing 6.5 mi in 50 minutes. I did 10 min, or 1.25 mi, at 8:00 pace, then did a tempo of sorts with 4 mi at 7:30, and then ended with another 1.25 mi at 8:00. Just what I needed.

My dad had been wanting to try Frank’s Oyster and Champagne Bar, so my parents treated me for a late dinner to celebrate my acceptance. It was fantastic!

We had bread and a few small plates to start. There was a shrimp ceviche with avocado and grapefruit (what a combo), goat cheese deviled eggs (ate half of one and passed to dad, not my thing), and ham and cheddar biscuits with apple butter (o.m.g.).

For the entree, I had the pork chop. It was incredible – mustard, apple and pork are a winning combination. I ate about 1/2 of the pork chop and 2/3 of the brussels and passed the rest off to my dad. He is our resident leftover champion, or as I call him, a goat – he’ll eat anything to clean up.

What a meal! I’m ready for some good ol’ fashioned salad tomorrow.

Ok, enough already! I’m heading to bed – I have a ten mile run (weather permitting, it’s apocalyptic outside), a coffee date, hot yoga, AND a dinner date on my schedule tomorrow!





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