Catching up

(Thursday recap, written Saturday… oops)

The combination of not sleeping well last night (again!!) and waking up to tree branches thrashing against my house due to wind kept me in bed long past when I needed to get up to run. I should have pulled myself to the gym to do some miles on the treadmill, but it’s veeeeeery difficult for me to treadmill it 2 days in a row – plus, Mallorie and I are going to hot yoga this afternoon, so I’ll still get exercise in.

Breakfast was a packet of apples and cinnamon oats I found in my parents’ cabinet with a banana mixed in and a scoop of Jif (it’s all they had…) on top. Coffee in a cup from my alma mater, Colgate, consumed while working on the NYT crossword. I can do Thursdays about 2/3 of the time, but I could barely get 10 of the answers on this one! Can’t catch a break, geez.


Not too long after, I headed out for a coffee date with an old friend. Well, actually, old boyfriend, so I shouldn’t call it a coffee date! We hadn’t seen each other in almost 3 years and we broke up not on the best of terms, so it was actually really good to catch up. After he left, I hung around for a bit reading my book at the coffee shop and eating lunch. This place – Cafe Javasti – has amazing crepes. I ordered a spinach and goat cheese crepe and requested they add strawberries to it. Sounds weird, but it’s really good!

Then it was time to head to Bellevue to meet Mallorie for hot yoga! We were “those girls” that walked in late in a hurry – my fault, I had the address wrong – but we settled right in and the class was great. SO hot though – it was so crowded that the body heat pushed the already blazing temp (105 degrees!) up higher.

It’s Dine Around Seattle time, where a number of nice restaurants in the area offer 3 courses for $30. Mal’s mom and brother offered to take us out to dinner, and I suggested Barrio – an upscale(ish) restaurant that “takes a unique and modern approach to Mexican inspired cuisine.” It was FABULOUS! We started with some appetizers – a ceviche with grapefruit and avocado; queso fundido with chorizo; a salad with pepitas,  avocado, corn, pickled red onions, and a buttermilk dressing; and braised pork taquitos.

I was starving since I didn’t eat much during the day and yoga really worked me, so I dove into the apps and as a result, I was not even really hungry by the time my entree came. I ordered the Smoky Pork en Cazuela– “chipotle braised pork shoulder with almonds and golden raisins served with frijoles charros, escabeche slaw, guacamole, fresh tomato salsa, fried jalapeno and corn tortillas to build your own tacos.” So good. I don’t normally eat this much pork, or this much meat for that matter, but it was calling to me! I only made it through about half before boxing it up.

We lingered over dinner but Mal had an early flight to catch, so I headed back to Seattle around 10. It was so good to see her – it was literally like nothing has changed, though we haven’t seen each other in a year and before that it had been 2 years! I wasn’t ready to call it a night though, so I met up with a friend at a bar that he works at a few nights a week. He was hosting karaoke so it was fun to see people make fools of themselves 🙂 I had a few beers that went unpictured but nothing caaaraaaazy. It ended up being a late night though – I didn’t come home until 2:30, which is laaaaate for this old girl now.


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