Mission Day

Not surprisingly after the last few days, I woke up with a bit of a stomachache. It was a big day for Team in Training, though, so I dragged myself out of bed, downed some coffee, and ate half a Maple Nut Clif Bar in the car on the way to meet my team.

When I got there, my stomach was still pretty crampy and it was naaaasty weather, so I opted to not do the run and instead helped set up. Today was Mission Day, which is the point during the season when all the teams – full and 1/2 marathon runners and walkers, cyclists, and the triathlon teams – come together for a potluck and to hear speakers from the Leukemia Lymphoma Society remind us of why we’re involved with TNT in the first place. If you’re not familiar with TNT, it’s a great organization – they train you to complete an endurance event of your choice (I’m training for the Eugene Marathon on May 1) and you fundraise for LLS in return.

Each of the teams completed an out and back timed run/walk/ride so that everyone could finish around the same time and do the “Mission Mile,” which is a path set up out in a park with signs featuring people who are our current and past “honored patients,” or people (many of them kids) who were living with cancer during the season or were survivors. While the survival rate for blood cancers is much higher than it used to be – thanks to research funded by LLS! – seeing signs with not just birthdays, but death dates is a solemn reminder of why TNT is so important. Since it’s inception, TNT has raised over $1 billion for LLS that goes to fund research, patient services, and even health care for patients who can’t afford treatment! You can find out more about TNT and get hooked up with a team in your area here.

There was a great turnout, which meant lots of food!

Yup, that’s a whole table of treats. There was probably double that by the time everyone brought their food in. Nothing like eating your calorie burn back in doughnuts 🙂

Though I didn’t run, I was still starving (so typ) and have some carbo loading to start, so I had a half bagel with scallion cream cheese, a few bites of pasta salad, some fruit and snap peas, and a little piece of banana chocolate chip bread with ginger. Yuuummm.

Everyone was soaked from the pouring rain all morning, so TNT staff kept the event humming along so people could go get warm and dry. I lounged around for awhile at home before heading to the gym for a good 45 mins on the elliptical to get my legs going before the Shamrock 15k tomorrow. It’s going to be HILLY so I didn’t want to go too hard, and since the TNT run for this weekend was supposed to be 16 mi, I’m going to tack on 3 miles before the 15k tomorrow and 3 more after. Better rest up!

After the gym, I threw together a smoothie with a cup of Almond Breeze, a banana, spinach, 1/2 cup of frozen cherries, and this powder mix I’ve had laying around forever – Hemp Shake.

The ingredients looked good and we are out of protein powder, so I figured why not give it a try.

It ended up being just ok – pretty grainy and it certainly didn’t make the smoothie look very pretty, but it was all right.

I drank it an hour ago and I’m already hungry, so I might go scrounge up some snacks shortly.

Time to change the laundry. Not sure what’s on the agenda tonight, but it can’t be too wild since I’ve got a long run to complete in the a.m.!


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