Redeeming Run

Well, I thought I had everything in order to run the Shamrock 15k this morning (+ an additional 7 miles)… but thanks to my iPhone alarm not going off, I missed the race! So glad I spent $30 to get a shirt for a race I didn’t run, boo hoo, pity party.

I woke up at 8:15 in a panic – 20 minutes before the race was going to start. Considering I live 20+ mins from the start line, I knew there wasn’t a point in rushing to get there. I was really annoyed for awhile, but told myself just because I missed the race didn’t mean I had to poop out of my planned 16 miler.

I fueled up for the run – which is the longest I’ve run since October! – with a big bowl of pumpkin banana oats. Here’s all the essential ingredients for a fabulous bowl of oats:

I mixed up 1/2 cup of oats, 1 cup water (milk was running very low), 1/2 chopped banana, and a healthy pinch of pumpkin pie spice and let it simmer while I downed my coffee. When the oats were cooked through, I added 1/4 cup of pumpkin, a tbsp of Adam’s Crunchy PB, and a few walnuts. I love when the PB makes a puddle on the hot oats!

Eaten while watching Meet the Press and mapping out my run. I ended up doing an 8 mile route in my neighborhood twice – the second time, I did it in reverse. It was raining when I left, but nothing serious. I’m a NW kid, rain doesn’t scare me! If I waited for nice weather to run, I’d be waiting til June.

It was a pretty good run – I was tired, but surprisingly held a good pace. I looped back to my house at 8 mi and took a few minutes to refill my water, go to the bathroom, change my shirt, etc. At Mi 12.5, I also stopped in Portland Running Company (conveniently 2 mi from my house!) to take a Gu and get more water as well. It was drizzly throughout, but started POURING at Mi 13.5 and just ramped up from there for the rest of my run. It was crazy – sideways rain, wind blowing branches off of trees, a few stoplights were out…. I guess I’m hardcore 🙂

Stats: 15.84 mi, 2:05:44, avg pace 7:56

Mi 1: 7:56

Mi 2: 7:47

Mi 3: 8:02

Mi 4: 7:56

Mi 5: 7:57

Mi 6: 7:47

Mi 7: 8:01

Mi 8: 7:48

Mi 9: 8:02

Mi 10: 7:47

Mi 11: 7:54

Mi 12: 7:50

Mi 13: 8:12 (wind started on an uphill…)

Mi 14: 8:09

Mi 15: 7:54 (just trying to get home!!)

Mi 15 – 15.85: 6:34 (7:51 pace)

I was SOAKED when I got home, as you can see:

That’s hot. I jumped in the shower and now I’m happily refueling with a bowl of chili, an orange, and a serving of Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips, + coffee. Count on me to be hungry again in approximately 15 minutes.

Not sure what’s on tap for dinner, but I do know we’re finally getting around to seeing The King’s Speech tonight! Hooray!


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  1. Ack! Sorry you missed the race- I hate waking up in a panic like that! But dannnng that run makes up for it- really good mileage and pace! You rock!

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