Take me to the vegetables


(Friday post, written on Saturday)

Whew, I hope this is the last day of heavy eating for awhile – I’m starting to feel the effects of all of this eating out!

My mom took the morning off of work so that we could go out to brunch at the Portage Bay Cafe, a delicious sustainable and mostly organic breakfast and lunch spot near the University. It’s decorated with all sorts of rowing paraphernalia, including an entire rowing shell suspended from the ceiling in the main dining room! It takes me back to my college rowing days… although I’d like to forget all the time spent on the erg, ugh!

I ordered the Organic Apple and Whole Wheat Pancakes – “Two chunky pancakes made with organic whole wheat flour, filled with candied local organic apples, organic flame raisins, pecans, nutmeg, and cinnamon, topped with a scoop of honey butter.” Portage Bay Cafe also has a toppings bar with lots of fruit, syrup, whipped cream, and nuts so that you can customize your order. I piled some raspberries, blueberries and sliced almonds on mine and a bit of syrup. OMG so good.

Toppings bar:

I made it through half my pancakes before calling it good. All those carbs certainly helped soak up my alcohol from last night…

My mom had a little time to kill before she had to get to work, so we did a little shopping at University Village and she bought me a really cute blue and white striped dress with a cinched waist from Madewell. Maybe it’ll be nice enough in Boston to wear it in 2 weeks??

I ate my leftovers from last night atop a bed of spinach before making the drive back to Portland. I hit some traffic, but nothing terrible. My mom had given me a CD of Glee Season 2 so luckily that made the drive fly by. I arrived just in time for dinner, which was baked chicken thighs, romaine with blueberries and fresh blue cheese, and baked cauliflower with parm and breadcrumbs. It was tasty but a little heavy for me when all I really wanted was a crunchy salad. Oh well all in due time!




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