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Today I started my once-yearly detox. I know, I know, there has been a lot of speculation out there about whether detoxes are actually healthy and lots of people do them in the name of drastic weight loss (ahem, Beyonce’s water, cayenne, lemon juice and maple syrup purge – sure, that’s healthy!) – but I do my version a bit differently. I use Trader Joe’s (or Whole Foods’) Complete Body Cleanse and pair it with two weeks of (nearly) clean eating to get all the gunk clogging up my system OUT.

Trader Joe’s Complete Body Cleanse “supports detoxification for the entire body including the intestines, liver, gall bladder, lymph, blood and digestive systems.” Sounds good to me!

As for the food aspect, I eliminate added sugar, alcohol, and anything processed, and as much dairy and wheat as possible. Some people eliminate caffeine, but knowing how awful I am without it AND I’m giving up other vices like sugar and alcohol, I keep coffee but in limited amounts. (I don’t care much for green or black tea.)

So why do I do this? First of all, I feel really, really good at the end of it. I don’t think it’s a placebo, I actually think it’s good to get things moving in your system and if there is any junk in there, get it out. Second, it makes me focus on the foods that are good for me.** At times, it does feel like a deprivation diet, but knowing that there is an end in sight to giving everything up makes it bearable. I find at the end of the two weeks, I feel so good that I continue in the same pattern and don’t crave junky stuff.

It seemed especially good timing to start now after my week of indulgence in Seattle last week, and mine and Jacob’s trip to Red Robin after The King’s Speech last night. I ate lunch so late after my run yesterday that I didn’t need anything before the movie, but it got out at 9pm and Jacob and I were ready to eat our arms off! When you’re that hungry, you’re not rational, and Red Robin popped into my head and we HAD to go.

We made it health(ier) by splitting what we really wanted instead of going whole hog, so we split a chocolate malt, a cheeseburger, and the fries that came with it. This was my treat to myself after running 16 miles in the pouring rain!! Also, I don’t think I’ve been to Red Robin in at least 18 months.

That settled it: this was the week to begin Detox 2011. When I woke up this morning, all I had on my mind was a smoothie. I whirled up 8 oz of Almond Breeze, frozen cherries, a banana, spinach, and ice, and called it good. I also started downing water since I had a hot yoga date with Lindsey at 11:30, and I had a cup of coffee. My belly was SO full of liquid after!

Hot Yoga was glorious, as usual and fit well into my detox plans. I always feel like I’ve gotten a facial after hot yoga!

I also got quite the haul at Trader Joe’s. I had to go get my cleanse package and a bunch of produce to get started, and here’s what I ended up with:

Clockwise from left: whey protein, spring mix, spinach, grapes, grapefruit, cleanse, avocado, bananas, green beans, jalapeno chicken sausage (no cheese in these), dried mango, and cauliflower. Mmmm, I sense some good salads ahead…

Lunch was cashew carrot ginger soup, pine nut hummus + green beans, and an apple. Very clean. I’m feeling good already 🙂

I also was extremely productive today – I caught up on email, cleaned my yoga mat with an ecofriendly spray and hung it out to dry, folded 2 loads of laundry, reorganized my important documents, made our bed (we’re awful about this), and got together 1 bag for Goodwill and 2 bags to try to sell to a resale shop! Whew! I also put them in my car so they’re good to go AND finaaaaaally put a reusable grocery bag in there. I’ve forgotten to do this for months and silently yelled at myself every time I go in a store without it!

Now I’m enjoying some hot peppermint tea with almonds and dried mango while researching recipes for mashed cauliflower.

Mmmm! Hope you did something nice for yourself today!



** I’m eliminating dairy and wheat because I find that these are things that tend to cause my system to… well… back up. I also have pretty severe seasonal allergies, and several naturopaths have told me that dairy increases allergic symptoms.


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