Busy Bee

I can’t believe the last day I blogged was Monday! Actually, I can. Oops! In my defense, I’ve been out and about a lot and I just started a new book (“When Everything Changed,” by Gail Collins) so when I have a moment I’ve been absorbed in reading about women’s history in America since 1960! V.v. interesting.

Tuesday was consumed with meetings with old colleagues. The most frustrating part for me about detoxing is the pressure and weirdness I get from others about it. Everyone asks questions – with the best of intentions, I’m sure – and it’s hard to justify to them why I want to do this. Then, I feel like I have to cave and break the detox with their pressure because they don’t understand it or approve of it, which then makes my resolve and desire to do it look weak! Anyone else ever deal with pressure to change the way they eat from others? I’m sure that’s a rhetorical question 🙂

Anyway, long story short, I compromised and ordered gluten free pancakes that were made w/ applesauce at Besaw’s for breakfast with my former supervisor – so no sugar, no wheat! Hoorah! It was lovely to catch up with her – one of the best things about my former job was the relationships I formed. The long hours and the frustrating moments were worth it for the people I was surrounded by. I had caught a ride in with Jacob since he volunteers near where I was having breakfast, so afterwards, I walked a drizzly mile to the Urban Grind Coffeeshop for some tea and catching up with my computer. I happened upon this great sign that sums up my philosophy on coffee:

Hell yes.

Later, I walked 2 more miles across the river to meet another former colleague and a volunteer I worked with for lunch at Olympic Provisions. No pictures here, either, but it was FABULOUS. I had a side of smashed fingerling potatoes with rosemary and a dish of farro, walnuts, frisee and mint.

I took the lightrail and bus (only an hour total!) back home and crashed out for a nap before track practice. This was the first day that DST really hit me – weird! Track was great. It’s funny how you can feel awful and yucky before a workout and (usually) end up leaving feeling fabulous! We did 6 x 800s with 2 min rest in between and they were T.O.U.G.H. For some reason, 800s just KILL me. I ran each of them between 3:09 and 3:14 though, so I was happy. Total workout, including warmup and warmdown, was about 4.3 mi. I also walked 3.5 mi earlier so not a bad day! For dinner, I scrounged at Suki’s after track for something eatable and came up with chicken and rice soup and a side salad with out cheese. I opted out of dressing and thought it was a brilliant idea to use habanero sauce as a dressing – NOT a good idea. My mouth was on fire and it was barely eatable!

Yesterday was a rest day and I spent most of my day out and about at appointments. Breakfast was a smoothie with almond milk, banana, cherries, and spinach on the run out the door. I didn’t get back until close to 2:00 and I was ready to eat my foot! I made a quick lunch of a grilled jalapeno chicken sausage (TJ’s), raw green beans and pepper strips, hummus, and a ruby red grapefruit. That’s what I call eating my colors! Beautiful.

We had dinner at Jacob’s sister’s friend’s (got it?) house last night, and their menu was rice pilaf, chicken cordon bleu, and cauliflower with cheese – none of which worked under my currently limited personal menu. I ended up with a plain chicken breast seasoned with S & P and italian herbs and cauliflower with the least amount of cheese possible. Pretty boring, and I was starving when I got home so I dug into leftover wild rice and an apple with PB.

I have a number of things on today’s to-do list, so breakfast was an old standard – pumpkin banana oats with PB. I also had some salted sliced almonds on top – the combo of salt and sweet is lovely!

Ok, rushing off to do the following:

  • run for an hour (in the rain! so sick of this crap!) per marathon training plan
  • clean bathrooms for guests tonight – Jacob’s stepmom is having a big St Pat’s dinner
  • shower
  • prep lunch (I think a big GREEN salad is in order today!)
  • print materials for meeting with other volunteers regarding school board endorsement interviews!
  • drive to East County for meeting (45 mins away…), meet for an hour, drive back (w/ traffic, maybe an hour? urggg)
  • feast for St. Pat’s Day!




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