Missions Accomplished

The rest of Friday ended up being lovely! I went to the gym and pounded out 20 sweaty minutes on the Stairmaster and 25 on the elliptical, followed by:

  • 20 one arm medicine ball pushups on each side
  • 1 min each of regular and side planks
  • 100 crunches

Ahh, hurts so good. It’s amazing how great a good workout can feel! I don’t think I have ever regretted going to the gym – reminding yourself of that is the key to getting a lazy you out the door!

Lunch was on my mind when I got home. In keeping with the detox limits of no wheat, I had some brown rice pasta with tomato-basil sauce, kalamatas, and broccoli over spinach.

Other items on my to-do list from earlier were going to the bank (done!) and getting myself out of the house to read at a coffee shop. Sadly, our suburb doesn’t have much in the way of independent coffee shops – your picks are pretty much Starbucks or… Starbucks. Roasteria, however, is a rare gem – they roast their own coffee and have a cozy environment where people seeking something other than burnt beans (ahemStarbucksahem) flock with friends, their computer, or books.

I ordered a soy latte and happily munched on dried mango with my book, which is continuing to enthrall me. Did you know that no bras were ever actually burnt in the ’70s? It was actually just a joke about the women’s liberation movement that stuck.

The rest of the evening was rather unremarkable. Jacob and I were too lazy to make dinner so we decided to try a Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood but it was a major fail. The menu was overpriced and super lame. It ended up being fine that I didn’t bring my camera because this was literally the most forgettable burrito I’ve ever had. I ordered a chicken burrito, which was mostly rice and a few token vegetables, and I left the flour tortilla on the plate.

We watched Mystic River via Netflix, which was unfortunately totally scratched and messed up at literally the most suspenseful and intense point of the movie. Double boo.

All in all, though, a good start to the weekend! Looking forward to a great run tomorrow morning – I have 18 miles with my TNTers!


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