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Lessons Learned

Some thoughts from today:

1. Running 18 miles makes you a HUGE couch potato. Totally deservedly, though!

2. Trying to do a detox during marathon training was a stupid idea.

3. It’s ok to NOT follow through on something you commit to, as long as it doesn’t impact someone else. Which not following a self-imposed detox plan certainly doesn’t.

Thoughts #2 and #3 were on my mind a lot during my 18 mi this morning. I certainly had plenty of time to think about them! Actually it started before my run this morning. My go-to pre-long run breakfast is a Clif bar (obvs not in the detox plan) and there was no way that I was going to mess with my standard before the longest run I’ve done since the Portland Marathon in October. Also, I consume GUs, Gatorade and gummy bears during my run – also not exactly all natural. Most like 10% natural, haha. I definitely was not messing with running fuel – if you’ve ever bonked, you know why.

So, I ate my Clif bar and sipped my coffee on my way into Portland for my run, already debating how I was going to manage my random and intense post-run cravings throughout the day. My coach always warns people against actively trying to lose weight during training, because diets typically involve a restriction of some kind. However, running for the distance and time we do at this point during marathon training makes your body crave things like carbs, salt and sugar (typical things that diets cut out or limit), and if you try to deny yourself those things and replace them with other substitutes (which, chances are, won’t satisfy you), you’ll end up eating the substitutes AND giving into your cravings – making for even more calories consumed than if you had just eaten the damn thing you wanted in the first place. Now, as I stated, I’m not trying to lose weight, but I think the same thing holds true. I don’t want to wreak havoc on my marathon training by drastically changing my diet just 6 weeks before the race, even if only for 2 weeks. I’ve put in too much time and energy and emotion into trying to BQ than to risk f’ing it up.

And it only took me 3 miles to work that out 🙂

The run was great – the sun was shining, Tyler and Darin and I chatted the whole way, and we finished strong! We ran a good pace and I felt like I could have run a few more miles at the end, which is a good sign!

I debated stopping for something on the way home but all I could think about was an enormous bowl of pumpkin oatmeal – and what restaurant makes that?? I walked in the door and didn’t even shower or foamroll first – I HAD TO HAVE FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. I whipped up 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pumpkin pie spice, pinch kosher salt (so key here!), half a banana (stuff the other half in my mouth while cooking, haha), blob of pumpkin, and topped it with lots of PB.

I spent a long time after breakfast (at noon) rolling everything – IT band, hamstrings, shins, the whole shabang. I also iced my knees, since post-18 miles, I felt like I’d aged about 10 years. Injury prevention, people!

Not surprisingly, I was hungry about 2 hours later and made a big, green salad with a TJ’s jalapeno chicken sausage, avocado, and zucchini over spinach. BBQ sauce was the only dressing that sounded good, so I went for it and the combo was actually great.  I also had some grapes on the side before I indulged in a much-needed nap.

Jacob and I had seen that The Fighter was at the cheap theater ($4.00 per ticket!!!!) and headed to an 8:20 showing. I LOVE the Valley Theater – they sell great beer and pizza, and some rows of the theater have built in counter tops to rest your drink or food on. I got a Porter from Southern Oregon Brewing Company and it was everything a porter should be – hints of coffee, just the right amount of chocolate, and not too heavy. The movie was really, really good. Christian Bale was excellent as the crack addicted, washed up older brother, and it was hard to believe he was the same guy who played Batman. Doesn’t hurt that he was still hot 🙂

The beer and my pre-movie snack of Irish soda bread with pear butter held me over until the show got out, and we went to Stanford’s for a late happy hour. I had another beer and went in the complete opposite direction of detox food by ordering chicken strips and fries. No regrets – I ran 18 miles today and burned 1700 calories, for goodness’ sake. Everything in moderation, right?

My new plan is much easier to stick to, and is expertly summed up by Michael Pollan: Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants. That I can do!


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