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Satisfaction for the Whole Self

I’ve been in a terrible habit of staying up, and then getting up, far too late. This morning I didn’t even roll out of bed until 10:30! I guess I need the sleep if I’m staying up until 1:30, but it makes me feel like kind of a bum. But not bad enough about it to stop 🙂

I decided to make a yogurt mess to get my day going. I had blueberry chobani; remnants of 2 minibags of Target brand granola (pecan sticky bun and cashew apricot); and sliced strawberries, rounded out by a ginormous cup of coffee. Times 2 on the joe.

Droolworthy, yes? I also nerded out and continued the droolfest by looking at the course descriptions and syllabus for the Harvard classes I could potentially take. Politics and Public Education in the United States? Don’t mind if I do. Pursuing Teacher Quality: Policy, Research and Practice? Yes, please! Building a Democratic School: Pilots, Charters, and Alternatives to Traditional Schools? Sign me up! Eeeee eeeee eeeeee – so excited/scared/nervous/READY TO GET GOING on this next stage of my life!!

After satisfying my intellectual side, I satisfied my more primal side – my rumbly tummy. Lunch was a beautiful plate of green beans with hummus; orange; and kalamata ciabatta with butter. I’ve eaten half this loaf in 2 days. I guess I hated it.

We spent our afternoon down at the Woodburn outlets, because I wanted to look for a tight longsleeve dri-fit shirt that could go under a short sleeve tech tee when I’m running. I didn’t find anything good at either Under Armour or Niketown, which was disappointing – they either had heavy long sleeve tops, or just tee shirts. I guess it’s that weird in between seasons time?

I also came up short everywhere else – I was hoping to find a few good things at J.Crew, but the quality of the stuff at the outlet stores is so disappointing. I’ve bought multiple cardigans there that I’ve only been able to get one or two washes out of because they get so misshapen. I guess it makes sense to splurge on the real, quality stuff at the retail store and be able to wear it more than a few times! I love the Jackie cardigan but at $72.00 a pop…

On the way home, we stopped at Starbucks for a pick me up. I had a tall skinny Caramel Macchiato, light on the syrup. On a whim, we popped into Portland Running Company to see if they had what I was looking for, and I totally scored. I get a 25% discount at PRC for being a Team in Training Mentor, and I came away with a royal blue long sleeve Nike Pro Combat top, new Nike tempo shorts, 2 Clif bars, and 6 GUs for $53!!

Right by PRC, there is a bakery I’ve been meaning to stop in – Bungalow Bread Co. It’s kind of like a smaller scale Great Harvest, but they don’t have sandwiches and stuff to take out. I had to indulge my silly side when I saw the front window…

I had to rush right back out the door to get to track, so I took a Luna Bar with me to snack on. I found a new flavor,  Chocolate Dipped Coconut, at Trader Joe’s earlier this week, and it was everything I was hoping for. So good!!!! It tasted just like a chocolate macaroon and I was mm-mming all the way back into Portland.

Check out those cherry blossoms! A sign of spring! I was so encouraged by the sun, the flowers everywhere, and the above-50 temps that I busted out the short sleeve tech tee and running skirt at track. My hands were freezing by the end due to wind, but it was fun to pretend it’s summer 🙂

Track was HARD. Our workout of the night was a ladder, which are always challenging because you’re not sure how to pace yourself. We warmed up with 1.5 miles, did some dynamic stretching, and jumped right in. The workout was 400/800/1200/1200/800/400 with 2 min rest in between each. My goal was about a 6:50 pace for each, and I blew it away – I was actually around 6:30 for all the intervals, and busted out the last 400 at a 5:40! I didn’t even know I could move my legs that fast, I was so worried I was going to trip!

After gabbing with Tyler during a .5 mi warmdown, we headed to Suki’s for post-track hanging out. I had a Gardenburger + fries + Oatmeal Stout beer (I think it was Ninkasi?).

I ate all of the Gardenburger and about 1/3 of the fries and left with a satisfied belly. The rest of my night was spent catching up on blogs, and my sweet tooth was satisfied with a bit of dark chocolate while winding down with Jon S. and Steven C. (Be still my beating heart…. Jon Stewart, I loooooooove you! Please be my boyfriend)


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