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Family Time

It’s so funny how easily I can bound out of bed for a long run with TNT, yet I can’t get myself out of bed before 9am these days for pretty much anything. I didn’t even let the raindrops I saw falling outside compel me to snooze a few more minutes, and I dressed myself in rain-appropriate gear, grabbed my Garmin, a GU, and was good to go. I ate a banana bread Clif Bar (one of the best flavors they’ve got, in my opinion) and sipped coffee on my way.

This week, we were running in Beaverton (my hood), so I only had to drive about 10 mins to meet my team and had the upside of knowing exactly where we were going. Tyler asked me if I was up for running race pace for our 14 miler to see how it went, and we settled on shooting for an 8:15. We started out on the slow side (8:33 for the first mile, 8:20 for the second) because it was chilly, mine and Darin’s legs were super tired from our Thursday uphill climb, and we were all somewhat lethargic. Once we got in a groove and started chatting, though, the miles began speeding by and we dropped our pace down. The only downside to the run was that we had a bit on the lovely Fanno Creek Greenway, which happened to be flooded in parts. At one point, around mile 5.5, there was no way around a ginormous puddle and we had to go straight through. We had a very symphonic squish, squish, squelch chorus going for the next few miles! I took a GU (espresso love, mmmmmmmm) at mile 8 + a cup of Gatorade, and a few gummy bears at mile 12. All in all, a good run! We ran 13.6 mi in 1:50, which is a pace of 8:08.

My IT band has really started to bother me, and in multiple places. It’s on the outside and inside of my knee, and the band has enormous knots all up and down my right quad. I spent a good chunk of time icing and foam rolling as I ate my brunch of pumpkin banana oats with PB. I also had the genius idea of slicing the other half of the banana and nuking it so that it caramelized. It was SO. DAMN. GOOD. on top of my oats.

I would be a very unhappy girl without any of these things:

Little foam roller self portrait… I spared you a picture of my facial expression, but imagine someone in intense but amazing pain. OW. OW. OW.

After a nice hot shower, I headed into PDX to meet up with my parents. We wandered around downtown for a bit and then went to Henry’s Tavern in the Pearl for a late lunch and some March Madness. Everyone was happy – their alma mater, Florida, was playing; I had a delicious brown ale (Rogue Hazelnut Brown) in my hands; and the table was full of yummy snacks. We ordered salt and pepper calamari; a flatbread with apple, italian sausage, basil, hazelnuts, and blue cheese; and a salad of manchego, pears and walnuts. I had one piece of flatbread and a few bites of calamari and salad, since I hadn’t eaten long before.

(Get out of my picture, Dad’s hand!)

I left my parents for about an hour to go to the Green Dragon Pub for a mentee’s fundraiser, which was really fun and successful. I made out well – I won a $25 gift certificate to Fit Right, a local running store, and a 3 pack of running socks, a reusable bag, and a running hat!

After the fundraiser, I met my parents at the Laurelhurst Theater for a showing of “Inside Job,” a very well done documentary about the global financial crisis. I highly recommend it if you don’t understand or know a lot of what happened over the last few years; I can’t say I came away from it totally understanding subprime mortgages or credit default swaps, but I do understand the role they played in the economic implosion. It was a pretty damning look at everyone who was even close to the crisis as well – it traced the history of economic deregulation back to Reagan and its continuation under Clinton and Bush, and introduced us to the CEOs of the major financial and insurance firms that are responsible for the crisis and their lobbyists, as well as the economic advisors who were complicit. It was actualy pretty balanced (as opposed to leaning left), because it definitely critiqued what Obama has done (or rather, not done) to address some of the fundamental problems that were happening on Wall Street. Overall, a really interesting film! Not exactly a feel good movie, though – you walk away pretty pissed off about the whole thing, especially CEO compensation and total lack of accountability.

After the movie, we met Jacob and his dad and stepmom at The Farm restaurant for dinner. This place is a real Portland gem. It’s situated in an old renovated house just off of Burnside in SE PDX, and their menu is as organic, local and sustainable as can be, including their booze list. The table started with a few apps – clams and mussels (which I passed on), broccoli fritters, and baked brie with hazelnuts, apples and cranberries. MMMMMMMMM.

Good conversation and flowing Sokol-Blosser sauvignon blanc kept us going until our entrees arrived. I ordered the “Braised Greens and Toasted Pecan Stuffed Ravioli: Handmade ravioli stuffed with braised greens, caramelized onions, pecans, sharp white cheddar and ricotta cheeses, and then drizzled with tarragon brown butter.”

I wasn’t terribly hungry between my late lunch and the apps, so I only managed about half my plate. Jacob set out to polish off the rest. He had a dungeness crab risotto that was outstanding. I did save room for a few bites of dessert, though. Between the six of us, we shared a garnet yam and chocolate pecan tart that was delicious, as well as a sunken chocolate souffle with coffee ice cream.

Jacob and I had made plans to go out with his best friend Tony for his birthday, so we stayed downtown while everyone else headed home. Jacob’s friends are notorious for their total lack of decision making and event planning skills, so we killed time waiting for them to get into Portland by going to the Green Dragon (yup, twice in a day) for a drink. I had the Buckman Village Chamomellow, which was excellent. I’m partial to darker beers like porters, stouts, browns, and the occasional red if it’s not too hoppy, but every once in a while a lighter beer is really enjoyable. It was sweet and smooth with a bit of grapefruit flavor. ‘Scuse the terrible lighting.

We passed the time by asking “would you rather…” questions.

Apparently, Jacob would rather share a bedroom with an elk than share a bathroom with a man with strange skin problems. Go figure.

Tony and the boys took literally forever to get into town and then changed their mind approximately 10 times about where they were going to go, so we ended up driving back and forth across the river twice before they told us where to meet them. Then, we could not find parking for the life of us, so after 40 total minutes of driving around and my patience diminishing by the city block, I told Jacob just to hop out, I was heading home. I was in no mood to keep looking and then go out to a crowded loud bar. I was totally happy to head home, though, and caught up on blogs before turning out the lights at 12:30. Drunky McDrunkerson stumbled in the door at 4:30, which is very very out of the ordinary for him, and had a rooooooooough time getting up this morning! Sounds like I made the better choice last night…


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