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Making Up for Lost Time

Uhhhh, woooooooops. Somehow it became Sunday night, and I realized I haven’t blogged since Tuesday, even though I’ve been diligently photographically documenting my life (when I remember my camera, haha!). Instead of going through the “and then I ate (x, y, z)…” rigamaroll of Wednesday – Friday, I’ll let the photos do the talking… with a little help from me, since I’m not good at keeping my mouth shut 🙂


Oats in a choc PB jar – cooked 1/3 c oats with 2/3 c water, 1/2 banana, salt and cinnamon in micro, then spooned into jar – topped with strawberries. Ooey gooey chocopeanutty wonder…

Tastin’ plate. Check out the color on this ruby red…

Enter 75 lovely minutes of sweaty, detoxifying, twisting, heart-pounding, quad-shaking hot yoga.

Dinner at kickoff party for the Race for the Roses team I’m mentoring… pulled pork, triscuits, brownie bite, broccoli crunch and kale w/ quinoa from WF, baby carrots. Also had a smidgin of red wine…


Breakfast, I’m sure, is very surprising. Not. Typ oats with pumpkin, banana and PB. Seriously, a day w/o oats is WACK. I shouldn’t use the word wack, I wear glasses.

Went to gym at noon for a “kickbutt boot camp,” only to be told by the dbag at the front desk that since I was the only person who showed, he wouldn’t teach just me. Sweet, awesome. I figured if I was already there, though, I may as well kick my own butt. I did the following circuit 2x, 15 seconds in between exercises and 2 min between sets:

  • 1 min jumping jacks
  • 1 min squats with dumbbells (12.5s)
  • 1 min overhead press (with 12.5s)
  • 1 min walking lunges (with 12.5s)
  • 1 min bicep curls (with 10s)
  • 1 min spiderman lunges (30 sec each side)
  • 1 min lat raises (with 10s)
  • 1 min crunches
  • 1 min bicycle
  • 30 sec plyo jumps, 30 sec mountain climbers

This sweaty hot mess ate cashew carrot ginger soup, kalamata olive bread (yes, it’s finally gone), sugar snaps, & grapes for lunch. As if you couldn’t ID those yourself. Tx Captain Obvious.

Headed into PDX to meet Coach Mike and fellow mentors Christine and Darin for a brisk 3 mi VERY VERY UPHILL (800 ft + elevation gain) run into Washington park. We’re clearly awesome and are great at taking pictures. Sikeeeee.

Followed by din at Lucky Lab Brewery – hummus, guac, feta, tomato, onion, cuke on ciabatta, side of chips + a porter that I forget the name of. This was devoured. Note to self: hummus + guac = winning.


Hastily thrown together smoothie of 6 oz almond milk, 1/2 c frozen berries, a banana, spinach handful, scoop of TJ’s whey protein, ice. Glurped (sure, it’s a word, why not) down on the way to our storage unit where I met dudes from the Salvation Army to take all our furniture away! Half yippee, half sad face.

Lunch repeat from earlier in the week: spring mix, TJ’s jalapeno chicken sausage, avocado, raw zuc, dressed with BBQ sauce.

A super late snack of oats (to dewackify my day, obvs) – Better Oats Maple and Brown Sugar instant oats packet, scoop of pumpkin, half naner. It held me over well until my parents got here 2 hours late (8:30 instead of 6:30) and we went to Old Town Pizza for dinner. Forgot my camera, use your imagination!

That’s all folks…


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