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Couch Potato

Today epitomized the lazy Sunday.

We headed downtown to meet my parents at their hotel, the Mark Spencer, for a light breakfast. Jacob’s mom had never had the chance to meet my parents in the 2+ years Jacob and I have been together, so this was a special occasion! She’s a flight attendant and usually works weekends, so she was unfortunately never around whenever my parents came down. My parents got pastries from the Stumptown Coffee down the street and we helped ourselves to the coffee in the lobby. Everyone got along well and enjoyed each others’ company.

I was super wiped out when I got home, so I spent some QT with the TV and then napped in my bed for about an hour and a half. By the time I got up, it was after 2pm – time for lunch!

I put together a sampler platter of 1/2 apple, carrot slices, and raw broccoli, and had a peach Chobani with raw oats and sliced strawberries on the side. The raw oats with yogurt and fruit has really grown on me; I love the texture! It’s chewy, but not crunchy like granola, and the oats make the already thick Greek yogurt even creamier and doughier, to borrow a descriptor from Kath.

I continued the laziness by parking my butt on the couch with my newest book, “Teachers Have It Easy: The Big Sacrifices and Small Salaries of America’s Teachers.” It was written a few years ago by Dave Eggers (who is 100% wonderful) and two co-authors that I’m not familiar with, and it is a fascinating look into exactly what we ask teachers to do on a daily basis. Eggers and his co-authors interviewed hundreds of teachers all across the country, some of whom have since left teaching because they couldn’t raise a family on their salary, and raise important questions of how teachers’ low salaries, the lack of respect they feel for their profession, and their enormous job demands may impact student achievement. He argues that good teachers are worth far more than what we pay them right now, and we should pay and respect them for the professionals that they are. I’m halfway through already and I have a feeling this is a book I’ll lug to grad school with me! (I haven’t read far enough to find out whether he’ll argue that a decrease in benefits, which is a large chunk of teachers’ actual pay, should come in exchange for higher salaries.)

My legs were still v.v. sore from Saturday’s run, so I got myself up and moving to start flushing the lactic acid from my legs. There was a break in the rain and we could even see a bit of blue sky peeking through, so I decided to walk the 1.25 mi to the gym instead of drive. I always mean to do this but never do, so it was really nice to get out in the fresh air! Once at the gym, I did a vigorous 50 min on the elliptical with the April Runner’s World, followed by some abs and arms. It feels good to be reintroducing weight training to my life!

My there and back walk, ellip and weights worked up quite the appetite, and I brainstormed meal ideas all the way home. I settled on quite the creation: a black bean, pineapple, and cheese quesadilla.

I used a 1/2 cup of Trader Joe’s Cuban Black Beans, which has bits of pepper and onion and are lightly seasoned, about 1/4 cup of cheddar cheese shreds, and a few chunks of pineapple as the filler for my brown rice tortilla. It was delicious, but as you can see, the brown rice tortilla wasn’t the best wrapper… I forget they’re so brittle. I got a bit of greens in on the side, dressed lightly with BBQ sauce.

It looks gross, but I promise it was delicious. And no, that’s not the world’s largest block of cheese – it’s a teeny weeny super cute shredder. Not the most efficient thing in the world but it was fun to use 🙂

Hunger struck again only 90 minutes after finishing dinner, so I treated myself to froyo from Mango Tango. It is dangerous to have a froyo place just a 3 min drive from our house!! This beauty was a combo of mint, cookies n’ cream, and chocolate, topped with strawbs and rasps, oreo crumbles, and a spoonful each of white chocolate chips and Reese’s Pieces. (Side note: do you pronounce them Reeehseeh’s Peehcees, or Reesis Peesis? I do the latter.)

Yum x 10!!! So much for watching my sugar intake close to bedtime…


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