Spring Has Sprung

Finally – today I woke up to NO RAIN outside, and cherry blossoms everywhere. Including blossoms stuck to the roof of my car. Hmph. Whatev, that means it’s spring and it needs a wash anyway!

I bet you can’t guess what’s in my breakfast… it’s pretty unusual… sike. It’s the usual – 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1/2 banana, pumpkin, cinnamon, topped with peanut butter. I’m trying to use up the enormous can of pumpkin I opened last week since I’m leaving on Wednesday to go to Boston to visit Harvard (eee eeee eeee!!!!!). Slowly but surely I’m making it through.

See the sign of spring in my coffee cup?

It’s a reflection of a tidbit of blue sky and blossoming trees outside!

Lunch was a remix from last night’s Cuban-ish creation. I heated up some Cuban black beans and leftover brown rice in the microwave and served it over a bed of spinach, topped with some pineapple chunks. I also had some spring mix topped with a little bit of BBQ sauce for some extra greens. My drink of choice was diet ginger ale – I was craving something bubbly and this hit the spot! Ginger ale always reminds me of airplanes, since that was always what I ordered when I was little. I guess I’m getting ready to fly!!

Sunflowers make me so cheery πŸ™‚

Note to self: don’t eat black beans less than 2 hours before running. There was no disaster, but I was certainly asking for it!!

I set out for a 5 mile run around 3pm and finished in 37:30, a 7:30 pace. My legs were DRAGGING. There is no way to run in my neighborhood that doesn’t involve some difficult hills, which is good for training, but even if I run slow, I can’t exactly get an “easy” run in.Β  I ran harder than I meant to, too, so I was wiped when I got back and my knee was hurting. Damn IT. Any good tips on how to strengthen it? I stretch it a ton and ice when I get back from running, but the dang thing is always a problem. *Please please please don’t get worse before the marathon…*

Knowing how sore I was, yoga sounded lovely. I downed some vitamin water zero and a few dried apricots on my way out the door to a 4:15 yoga class.

The class was great – challenging in all the right ways without being overly strenuous. I love the teacher of this class – gym yoga can be so variable, but I’ve found three great teachers at 24 Hour Fitness that I really enjoy. All of them teach yoga at actual studios as well, so they bring more of the yogi mentality than the “fitness instructor” mentality to it. It really makes it so much more enjoyable.

I swung by the grocery store on the way home for some snacks to pack to take to Boston with me so I could save a little money in the airport and in the city. Food while traveling can really add up. The prices at the airports are so ludicrous now – I swear you can’t find a salad for under $8.00. Seriously? For some wilted lettuce and tomatoes on their deathbed? Lame. My plan is to bring an oatmeal packet, a banana and a travel packet of PB I snagged at my parents’ hotel on Sunday, and get hot water at the airport to make an easy, cheap breakfast. I will also pack a baggie of granola and bring a Chobani for the airplane so I don’t have to buy one of their packaged lunches.

Pre-dinner snack was Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Raisin Granola with a smidge of milk. Our dinner ETA was 7:45 and I was staaaaaarving post-5 miler and yoga. Edging on hangry.

Our late dinner was breadcrumb mustard chicken, mixed green salad, and wild rice. No picture here, but the chicken recipe is about the easiest (and cheapest) thing ever – it’ll be a go-to meal next year in grad school. All you have to do is put breadcrumbs (I prefer panko) in one bowl and good dijon in another. Simply dredge your chicken breast in the mustard and roll it in the breadcrumbs until covered. Pop in the oven at 400 degrees until done (depends on whether your chicken is partially frozen or totally thawed). Yum!

Sunday’s froyo excursion put ice cream in the front of my mind so J and I made another trip to the store to pick up some. I relaxed in front of the TV with Jon and Steve and a serving of Umpqua Birthday Cake. Sooo gooooooooood – yellow cake ice cream with chunks of cake, fudge frosting, and sprinkles πŸ™‚ It’s ALMOST as good as the Tillamook Cake Batter, which reigns supreme over any other ice cream out there. Try it, it will change your life.

(This is a teeny tiny bowl, FYI)

Happy trails to you! I have lots and lots of things to do on Tuesday to get ready to go so bedtime for this girl.


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