Done and done!!

There is no other way to say it: 20 miles HURTS.

Yup, it’s that time… it’s three weeks out from the marathon, which is when most training plans have you run your 20 miler. It’s both exciting and terrifying to be at this point. Exciting because the marathon is coming fast and these next three weeks will fly by (though sometimes a taper feels like FOREVER!). Terrifying for exactly the same reason. Exciting because 20 miles, in and of itself, is a HUGE accomplishment. Terrifying because it’s a damn long way to run… and it’s only about 3/4 of the marathon. Holy crap. However, I can think of few big things in life that aren’t both exciting and terrifying. Changing jobs? Totally both. A new relationship? Definitely. Pushing yourself to physical limits you had previously only imagined? You got it. That’s why they’re risky… and rewarding.

Anyway, I digress. The run went well – I ran with four other TNT friends, and we were shooting for an average of 9:00 miles. We started out nice and slow, with the first few around 8:50, but slowing down to that pace is a real problem for us. We like to GO, and we ended up running negative splits for pretty much the whole 20 miles.

We really picked it up when we hit a flat stretch at mile 14 and our pace came down to 8:22… then 8:20… then 8:05… and at mile 16, we MOVED. Our last few miles were between 7:45 and 8:10, even with some nasty inclines. We finished up the 20 miles in around 2:50, or an average of 8:35 per mile. Not too shabby!

My IT did ok – I saw Dr. Howell, TNT’s favorite chiropractor/sports medicine guy, on Wednesday, and he gave me the go-ahead to run since I was feeling pain in the “less serious” places. Turns out the IT issues stem from a weak glute and hip on my right side – go figure. I’ll be working on strengthening that glute muscle as much as I can in these next couple weeks and will roll and ice like crazy.


The Clif bar I ate pre-run and the 2 GUs and handful of gummy bears I had along the route didn’t exactly hold off my hunger beast, and I headed to Produce Row for brunch with my teammates. Jacob came as well, which was really nice since he hadn’t met them before.

I ordered the Row Omelet and coffee on constant refill.

Hit. the. spot.

Based on how sore I was walking around after the run (esp. that damn IT band), I thought today would be a good time to take an ice bath. I lasted three minutes in the ice bath, screaming in pain and feeling like I was going to crap myself (no joke, sorry for the TMI but is that normal????). Needless to say, I decided to just slap ice packs all over my body instead of endure that. Recovery schmovery.

My ginormous breakfast lasted me three hours before I had to break for a snack. I had half of literally the biggest apple you have ever seen with some Flying Squirrel Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed PB. Seriously, check this thing out. 7 Up can was necessary for a comparison and doesn’t even come close to doing it justice.

His mom says he’s just big boned. Riiiiiiight. (Joke? yes?)

Reason #15 why I love long run days: you are perfectly entitled to not do a damn thing if you don’t want! So, I felt especially accomplished that I took care of some business that desperately needed attention. (Reading blogs and in bed for 2 hours counts, right? Great, glad we agree.)

I was treated to a lovely dinner at home by Jacob’s stepmom, who is a wonderful cook. She braised beef in red wine, beef bouillon, garlic, S & P, and a bay leaf sauce and served it with fingerling potatoes and a green salad. Mm mm mm.

I love fingerling potatoes, but they are creepy looking! They’re like gnome toes. I’m sure that spurred your appetite. But seriously, cover anything in kosher salt and I’m all over it.

Jacob’s out with his guy friends tonight doing guy things like going to a steakhouse – it’s part 1 of their saying goodbye, since he is leaving 2 weeks from Monday! 😦 😦 😦 I amused myself by going to the mall to buy more KT tape for my gimp leg and getting the world’s biggest Coldstone treat, which I’m now enjoying with a glass of wine while working on a secret project *shhhh* for Jacob.

We’ll see if I can hold myself to half of this cake batter ice cream – cinnamon – pecan – yellow cake – brownie tower of calories and put the other half in the freezer. I’m not sure if even 20 miles warrants demolishing this monstrosity.


Random side note: to any and all readers out there, please, please feel free to tell me in comments on this blog if I use wrong grammar or spelling. This is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to reading blogs – especially bloggers I read who are “professional” bloggers. I mean, did you not notice that you wrote THen instead of then? Or that you typed “your” when you were saying “you’re welcome”? Maybe I’m type A uptight about these things (not maybe, I am) but it bugs me. But then again, I continue reading their blogs anyway, so maybe I should be quiet…





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