An apple a day doesn’t keep the sports doc away.

Happy hump day! Right now, it doesn’t seem to mean much to me, but I’m sure it does to those of you with, you know, jobs 🙂 I’ll be reminded of that soon enough when I’m drowning in classes and coursework midweek…

Wednesday’s major event was my second visit to Dr. Howell, chiropractor extraordinaire to Portland TNTers. He seemed positive about my ability to successfully complete 26.2 miles just 19 days from now, based on where my pain and tightness is at the moment. Doc’s recommendation was to keep icing, keep rolling as much as possible, keep ibuprofening, now through the race. Basically, keep on keeping on.

I dawdled a bit too much in the morning before heading to my appointment, so I stopped by Sbux for breakfast on the run on the way into Portland. I had a chocolate banana smoothie (formerly called the Vivanno – what happened to that name?).

These smoothies are surprisingly decent – they’re just milk, banana, ice, whey protein, and a few pumps of cocoa. They’re a little thin for my taste, which means I slurp it up in 0.2 seconds, but they’re good in a pinch. I forgot to get mine with an espresso shot, but I highly recommend that.

After some more stim and ultrasounding of my glute, hip and IT band area, I walked a few blocks to the Urban Grind Coffee Shop in the Pearl District to set  up shop with my computer for a few hours. There was another open house at the Brennans’ today and I had to make myself scarce for a few hours, so I killed time working on my grad school budget (depressing x 10), taking care of various tasks that I’ve been putting off for far too long, and catching up on emails.

Unsurprisingly, the smoothie didn’t hold me for a terribly long time, so I ordered a turkey panini while working away at Urban Grind. It was tasty enough with cilantro spread and garlic mayo (sounded too good to pass up, though I don’t like mayo), but the red peppers it was supposed to come with were annoyingly absent. I was going to ask the barista to plop some on when I noticed, but she was one of those aloof, edging on rude but not really, types so I thought better of it.

After proper digestion time, I drove up to one of my favorite spots on the top of the West Hills – the 3.5 mile Fairmount Blvd loop. Jacob and I used to live super close to this loop and I ran it at least once or twice a week last summer. It’s one of the highest places in Portland (which is saying something with all these hills we have) and has great panoramic views of every area of Portland as you make your way around the loop. It’s residential but has very low traffic so it’s quite safe to run up there.

That’s a lame photo that doesn’t do it justice but I snapped it after my run when I was tired 🙂 I did two loops for a total of 7 miles.

I can’t say I was painfree but it felt good. Bring on the ice and foamroller… Mentally, it was really nice to be by myself up there. Due to the damn IT/hip/glute/whatever it is, I haven’t been out for more than 4 miles or so by myself in a few weeks, since my long Saturday runs have been with TNT friends. I’ve had a lot on my mind and though I listen to music, I was able to sort through some stuff and daydream a bit.

The rest of the day was uneventful – bath, dinner with Jacob’s dad and stepmom (porkchop and salad), blog reading like whoa. Before tucking in, I had some cat cookies and strawberries.

Cat says “hewrooooooo!”


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