Breaking the cycle. (you’ll see)

Our late night last night kept me in bed far past my usual rising time. I’m not sure if I really needed to sleep until after 11, but it sure felt good 🙂

Per usual, I had coffee and banana oats with PB to get me up and going. I was also cheered when I saw there were FINALLY no dark rain clouds in the sky! Could it be??? SPRING???

Sunday is always a day of errands, so I took Jacob to get his hair cut and pick up a few things at TJ’s. I don’t normally feel compelled to accompany Jacob to get his hair cut, but he can’t drive right now because he sold his car last week and discontinued his insurance coverage and so I am his de facto chauffeur until he leaves.

When we returned, I dinked around for a bit (i.e. read blogs and daydreamed about the Eugene Marathon) and whipped up a fast, and clearly photogenic, lunch. I had the last 1/2 of one of those huge apples I bought last week and a mix of spinach, broccoli slaw, and snow peas topped with hummus. It doesn’t look like much but it was tasty!

Since the weather was so beautiful, I really wanted to ride my bike to the gym and got all decked out in my cycle shoes and helmet to go. Sadly, when I was pumping up my front tire, the stem of the inflation tube broke off in the pump and my whole tire deflated 😦 Jacob was powerwashing the sidewalk, so he didn’t have time to look for a spare tube and change it out. I didn’t have enough time to walk, but I swear I tried to do the environmentally (and healthfully!) responsible by cycling the 1.5 mi to the gym. It’s the effort that counts, right?

Check out the obnoxiously clashing colors I wore to the gym:

(Also obnoxious: taking a pic of myself in the 24 Hour Fitness locker room mirror.) Those are my super cheap new tempo shorts. My rationale is that they’re so bright that they could pass for nighttime reflective gear… maybe? I’m also wearing my new Mizuno Elixir 6s that I bought early last week. I have run 9 mi in them (sad that 9 mi is all I’ve run in the last 6 days…) and so far, I love them!

I was skeptical of the colors since they’re so bright and bold but I think they rock now.

My workout was 50 min on the elliptical with arms, 2 x 30 crunches on a stability ball, and 2 x 15 hamstring flexion with the ball. I just subscribed to the NPR podcast of Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! and listening to one of the episodes made my workout fly by. Yes, I was that girl giggling to myself (about funny news items, nonetheless) while working out. You say nerd, I say informed! So there.

I could have stayed longer, but we had dinner plans! Jacob’s brother and his girlfriend invited us over for dinner, which ended up being really fun and tasty. They only live just over a mile away so I convinced J to walk there instead of drive. We showed up HUNGRY, and the meal of steak and parmesan mashed potatoes did not disappoint.

Jamie (J’s brother Kiernan’s girlfriend) made brownies for dessert and set out FOUR kinds of ice cream to go with the brownies… so unsurprisingly, I went a bit overboard and was really glad we walked home just so I could digest! My knee started to ache a bit on the walk (flats were not a smart footwear choice) so I spent some QT with ice packs and bags of frozen peas.

Time for bed – I’m getting up WAY earlier than usual to watch the Boston Marathon on TV!!


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