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Bummed about bum knee.

Excuse me for skipping over the last few days, but few noteworthy things happened outside of the following:

1. Jacob came home! Hip hip hooray!

2. I seriously overstressed my knee by trying to make up my interval workout from Tuesday on the treadmill on Thursday. I had run my 7 mi on Fairmount on Wednesday with little to no pain after seeing Dr. Howell, but the pain set in on Thursday. I decided to give it a go anyway and winced (that’s an understatement) through my whole 30 minute workout. Do as I say, NOT as I do, when it comes to injuries. Bad news bears. This thing is messed. up. to. the. max. FML.

3. My room is almost all the way in boxes. I guess this whole Jacob leaving, me going up to Seattle thing is really happening?

4. Wednesday’s beautiful weather turned into sh*ttastic stormy weather Thurs and Fri. Hello, spring? It’s Colleen. I thought you were supposed to be here like a month ago? Oh, you’re running late? Inexcusable. Get here ASAP. Thanks, bye.

Clearly, groundbreaking things occurred in my life the last few days.

Now, let’s catch up to Saturday.

I met my TNT group at Grant High School for our scheduled 12 mi workout. (I had a carrot cake ClifBar on the way.) Coaches Mike and Julie saw my faint limp as I walked towards them and started shaking their heads vigorously no at me – meaning NO RUNNING FOR YOU. They told me to take the entire week off of running and bore myself to death on cardio machines stick to the elliptical and bike instead. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME, just like my knee. Oh yeah, and it’s not just my IT anymore – it’s now the inside of my right hip flexor down into the inside of my right knee as well as the IT and outer right hip. Fabulous timing, leg.

So, I dragged my gimpy self to the gym and busted out 90 minutes on the elliptical – one hour on the one with arms (ouch, chest and back!) and half hour on the stationary one. Not really the same as running 12 miles, but at least it’s something. I also did 2 x 1 min of plank on my right side and 2 x 25 right crunches in the hopes of strengthening my core on that side, since that is part of the issue.

J was with me so we hit up Panera for lunch. I did the You Pick Two with black bean soup and the new Thai chicken chopped salad. It was far better than expected! Slightly spicy and sweet at the same time, with yummy tastes like edamame, cashews, and green onion.

We spent the rest of the afternoon running around doing errands for Jacob. First stop: Costco. I really only went along for the samples and was very dismayed when I found all of the stations to be closed down! Whattt?? They stop at 4pm? Ludicrous. Anyway, Jacob got a new Canon Powershot just like mine and some other essentials, and we split another Costco essential – fro yo. Also known as the tower of dairy.

I was also treated to my first trip to the Nike Employee Store. Nike HQ is here in Beaverton, so they have a special store accessible only to employees and family and friends that employees designate to come as well. The best part is – everything is about 50% off. It’s a way better deal (and better stuff) than at the outlets. I made out with a new pair of tempo shorts and a long sleeved, hooded, heavier weight black running top (good for Boston next year) for just over $40. Score!

Dinner was leftovers from the night before, when we used an old gift certificate to go to Seasons and Regions. I had the remnants of my salmon with mustard and dill sauce, sauteed spinach and onions, and au gratin potatoes (mmmm, cheese, potatoes and cream…) alongside a piece of Great Harvest Cinnachip toast.

Then, we headed out for Jacob’s farewell celebration with his friends. We met up with about ten of his friends downtown at the Thirsty Lion – an English style pub with a decent beer selection and a live band. Drinks and good times ensued, with me as DD per my new drinking rules.

The man of the night had a great time – so many of his friends from high school, college, and past work/volunteer experiences came out to wish him well. I guess everyone loves him as much as I do 🙂

Everyone showed him how much they loved him by buying shot after shot, so by about 1:15am, he’d had enough. I put the boy of honor in the car, sped home, and got him into bed ASAP.

Wish me luck with this knee. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that a week of rest from running and a few visits to the sports doc will get my knee in good shape. I’m being realistic that I may have to drop from the full marathon to the half, and preparing myself mentally for that. I’ve put in so much hard work that I don’t want to drop out altogether and perhaps I can go for a half PR instead. It’s a flat course and I set my most recent PR of 1:40:27 on a hilly course in November. If I can’t BQ, maybe I can bust out a fast half. Fingers crossed.


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