Oats for two, pizza for one.

Hello hello! Today was my first official day without Jacob around. It still hasn’t really sunk in. It just feels like he’s off at work or out of town for a few days. I wonder when it will all seem real?

I didn’t sleep well last night, most likely because of my late afternoon nap yesterday. Unsurprisingly, I rose on the veeeeeery late side, which just means my system will continue to be off. Errgggggg. Heidi hadn’t eaten yet when I got up, though, so I made a big pot of oats for the two of us.

Coco-Banana Oats for Two

  • 1 cup oats
  • 1.5 cup water
  • .5 cup lite coconut milk
  • sprinkles of salt (just to bring out the flavors) and cinnamon (can be as generous as you like here)
  • 1 banana, sliced into small chunks
  • scoop of PB for the top

Serve with a side/backdrop of magnolias and sun.

So much for this rainy forecast! This day is turning out to be beautiful. Spring, welcome to Portland. I think seasons are among the things that are not counted as “fashionable” when they’re late…

I spent some time editing photos in Picasa of the Brennan kids for Heidi, for which she was really grateful. I’m so glad I downloaded Picasa. What a great program for free. Sure, it isn’t as high powered as Photoshop (you get what you pay for) but it definitely makes a difference. It’s fun playing around with all the effects, retouching, tuning, etc.

I ate leftovers from last night before leaving Heidi’s to head into Portland. I served it over slightly nuked spinach for more vitamins and it all tasted just as great today as last night.

My workout today was an hour of spinning followed by a brisk 30 min walk on the treadmill at 4% incline, 4.3 mph. This was my first spinning class in at least six weeks, so I was really looking forward to a heart thumping, hill climbing, sprint interval class. I got those things out of the class, but I did not at all care for the instructor. My enjoyment of any class – be it spinning, yoga, Body Pump, whatever – totally depends on the instructor. This woman was the kind who tells you, “you’re almost there!” when you’re halfway through a 1 minute sprint; who, when telling you that you’re about to begin climbing a six minute hill that gets progressively steeper (i.e. up the resistance), “I think you guys can do this!”; who forgets what number interval you’re on. I tried to channel my frustration with the instructor into my workout, but it was tough! What do you do to get yourself through a class or workout when you have a bad instructor or coach?

After my workout, I actually got to connect with Jacob again via the Skype app on my iPhone! I tell you, technology is amazing. He was on his computer in Philadelphia and I could see him on my iPhone screen. We talked for about 20 minutes and then he had to head to dinner with his new colleagues. It’s crazy to think that in just 12 hours from now, he’ll be in Guatemala! Lucky kid though, the weather looks fabulous – 75 and sunny. No fair!

I met up with my TNT team at Old Town Pizza for their last Tuesday workout and dinner together before the marathon. Instead of track, they did a quick 3 mi around the Esplanade. It was beautiful out and I really wished I could be out with them 😦 I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it, but the marathon is 100% out for me. I asked my TNT staffer to drop me to the half in the hopes I could do that, but at this point, I think it would be unwise to run. So, I’m going to walk instead! I can’t say I’m thrilled about this, but walking is better than nothing, right? Editorial note: There is NOTHING wrong with walking. It’s fabulous exercise and I’m still participating in something for a good cause. I’m just bummed to not be running because it’s such a love of mine.

Once they were back, we chowed down. My spinning and walking had left me staaaaarving, so I went with the build your own pizza option. On mine: thin crust; tomato sauce; mozz; zucchini; kalamatas; and Italian sausage. (Sorry for the flash, it’s super dark)

It was a little pricey, but I can make 3 meals out of this beast, so I’ll call it good. I’m spending the rest of the week at Tyler’s house, and I’m sure she’ll appreciate me not eating her out of house and home 🙂

Now I’m over at Tyler’s, snuggling with her sweet whippet Gertie on the couch and catching up on blogs. It’s been so long since I had a little dog friend to hang out with. Should be a good relaxing week!


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