Getting my life in order

I woke up this morning to a sea of boxes in my room. My first instinct was to hide under the covers to avoid the mess, but I decided to whip up a pot of banana oats to make up for a week without banana oats. A whole week! Not sure how I persevered through the last several days, but somehow it happened 🙂

I made a bigger portion than usual since I was starving, using 1/2 cup each of oats, milk, and water, and a whole banana. I think that half a banana is really the best amount for even this size – a whole one, though it was small, kind of threw off the consistency and it was thicker rather than creamier. It was still delicious, of course. I’m just being picky.

You know you’re in the house of a political scientist (my dad) when you’ve got a Bill of Rights mug…

I knocked item after item on my to-do list, which was pretty long since I basically wasn’t on the Internet for a week. I had all the moving related things to do, like changing my mailing and billing address for all my various accounts like Netflix, car insurance, etc. I also thought I made headway in my room, but three hours later, it basically looked the same, except I had several bags of books, clothes and random items to donate.

I didn’t watch my time all that carefully and suddenly I was in a rush to shower and eat and get out the door to my 3pm interview with the manager of Mariposa, the restaurant at Neiman Marcus in Bellevue. My best friend from college, Mallorie, has an older half-brother (got it?) who is the General Operations manager at Neiman and when I met him a few months ago, he had offered me a job at the restaurant for the summer if I wanted it. That was the easiest job search I’ve ever done!

I drank a green smoothie on the way – 6 oz OJ, 2 oz milk, handful spinach, 1 scoop TJ’s whey protein, and 1 cup frozen mango. I made sure to check my teeth about a zillion times for spinach flecks!

I’ve never been in a Neiman Marcus before, and that place is SWANKY. I felt self conscious just breathing there and kept worrying I’d knock into some crystal display on my way to the escalator.

Anyway, the interview went great and I basically just need to wait on a background check to clear to get started, and I’m assuming that won’t be an issue. The plan is for me to work about 25 hours a week, or 4 shifts, through mid-June when schools are out, and then I’ll switch to taking care of Chris’ kids for the remainder of my time here. It’ll work out about six weeks for each gig. I may also pick up a shift on the weekends later on in June and July if I feel like I can do that in addition to working for Chris.

I checked in with Chris after my interview, and we made plans to go to dinner later that evening so I could meet his wife Kristyn and their kids, Abbie (10) and Finn (8). It didn’t make sense for me to go all the way home from Bellevue just to come back 3 hours later – which would be rush hour time – and I had my gym bag, so I made good use of my time and did 50 minutes on the elliptical, followed by leg weights.

We met for dinner at Barrio, which is actually where I had met Chris for the first time a few months ago when Mallorie had come out to visit. It’s an upscale Mexican restaurant and Tequila Bar in the heart of downtown Bellevue. Everything on the menu looked amazing, but I ultimately went with what I had last time – the Smoky Pork en Cazuela. This dish of braised pulled pork with almonds and raisins, jicama slaw, and beans came with corn tortillas to make your own tacos.

I had a great time with Chris’ family and am really looking forward to taking care of the kiddos. The family has memberships to the Zoo, the aquarium, and all sorts of other kid-oriented places in Seattle, so I can tell it will be an action packed and fun summer. Abbie is hilarious – she was talking about how she wants to be a pediatrician and go to Harvard and how much she loves school. Sounds like a mini-me…

Before we knew it, it was 9pm and the kids had to get home to bed and me back to Seattle. All in all, a fun and productive day!


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